Versatile info on electro-smog & 5 G 


This website wants to provide comprehensive and easy-to-navigate info on 5 G and associated electrosmog - and to provide channels for in-depth info and news.

Information about this is vast and complicated, but this website keeps it short and simplified.
If you want to dig deeper, just follow the links.

This matter is urgent, since the health impact has been serious for years already, and many experts say it will increase now that the introduction of 5 G has begun.

Whether you want to know more about 5 G research or if you want suggestions of what you can do, this website also tries to give support since the situation with 5 G (incl. the info) can be experienced as complicated and uncomfortable.

Be aware of yourself (mood, thoughts, feelings) before taking part of the info, and also afterwards. More about this under "What can I do".

This site aims to be better than average 5 G sites to ...

  • give environmental impact the attention it deserves but rarely gets,

  • specify what is desired (not just say "stop 5g!"),

  • use our own energy as a tool and practice positivism.

More on purpose (and suggested goals) here.  

A lot of time, energy and knowledge made the quality of this website possible. 

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