There are three main categories of environmental impact:

  1. irradiating nature

  2. extracting raw materials

  3. chemical emissions

Society generally takes a far too little consideration for electrosmog when it comes to environmental impact. (Many authorities, associations and companies that work with the environment / climate have been blind to this possibility.)

But there is thankfully a part of the society that has not been blind: Researchers. Today there are many thousands of studies / reports showing both versatile and aggressive influence (which can be explained by the fundamental nature of the electrosmog).

This is more relevant than ever since experts believe that "the sixth mass extinction" has begun, and some key species / groups have shown impact from electrosmog: *

  • Frogs (amphibians) have decreased in numbers and show clear deformations. Amphibians are generally good indicators of the status of the environment / ecosystem.

  • Birds and insects have decreased, and some studies focus on bees.

  • Even vegetation is affected - eg. trees that are one of the planet's most important organisms. Trees have shown injuries both internally and externally and sometimes premature death. Also - vegetation becomes more flammable, due to EMF increasing Terpin (a natural substance) in plants(!).

* Most experts (those who have no knowledge of electrosmog) usually explain mass extinction with loss of habitat, climate change or toxins - electrosmog is usually not even considered.

Water is called the source of life, etc. Due to its versatile and beneficial properties, water can also contribute to the electrosmog's destructiveness, as both the water itself and organisms with a lot of water in themselves / around them can be affected. Even marine life is affected (by our underwater communication) via organ damage or disorientation.

Water has a high heat-bearing capacity, and water vapor is by far the most important greenhouse gas.

In addition to the influence on the biosphere, electrosmog has the potential to influence the atmosphere (and thus climate and weather) since even larger planetary systems are included in the weave of energy and electromagnetism. Weather is a good indicator of changes since it has a much faster and clearer response than climate (climate = average weather conditions over many years in a given area).

Regarding climate impact and heating, it is relevant to look at this example: 
Some signals from our transmitters affect the ionosphere (uppermost atmosphere) which releases electrons that rain down and deplete the ozone layer (which increases the radiation and greenhouse effect). This impact will likely increase with the introduction of the many 5G satellites (and add new ways of impact).

It is also relevant that placement and maintenance of satellites (for wireless communication) provides huge emissions of water vapor and soot (both of which have a greenhouse effect far greater than carbon dioxide).  More than 50,000 5G satellites are to be placed (some are already in place).   Vast info about the satellites and a petition.

Consider the list in the beginning of this chapter:

Irradiating nature is nr 1 since it creates most of the problems mentioned above.

Extracting raw materials will have a significant impact since there are billions of new devices to be created for 5G (many more than when we moved from 3 to 4G).

Emissions is normally not significant but in this case it likely will be:
1) A big increase in energy consumption (network power/signal energy, device production, rocket launches) could pollute environment and/or affect climate.
2) Polluting emissions from the whole life cycle of 5G-devices.
3) Last, but definitely not least, we have vast emissions from rockets (launching the satellites) that pollutes environment and affect climate. 

The combined effect of this gives a "large scale modification of planet Earth and its systems" which is the definition of Geoengineering - apart from being "deliberate". But it has a negative effect on all of life regardless of deliberate. 

All the above mentioned worsens if/when 5G is introduced. The higher frequencies also provide an extra impact on insects, water vapor and trees.
For insects and trees, the denser waves affect small insects and leaves extra (+ that the signals can be stopped by trees and some have been cut down in cities where 5G tests are in progress). Trees may also be cut to hide radiation damage or to give way for GE trees
The water's resonance is about 10 GHz and water vapor is influenced in the air at 24 GHz. 
Oxygen is influenced at 60 GHz (a frequency that is becoming a new Wi-Fi standard).

It is worth mentioning that, besides long term effects, there is the instant impact of intense radiation. F.ex: there are several events of birds falling dead from the sky, shortly after 5G was installed or tested. 

Most of the info above is part of this report (2019) incl Swedish summary, showing impact on nature as a whole, including climate. If you want to go directly to the collective research links, this page is specifically applicable to the environment / organisms. 

Here is a summary of the info above, in flyer-form.